Selling Your Home in the Metro Denver Real Estate Market

Selling a home is a lot like fishing in today's market.

First you bait your hook (your home) and make it as appealing (staging/ fix-up, painting /marketing/pictures, etc...) to as many fish as possible. After all of that is accomplished, you lower your hook in the water.  There are many fish in the water, and there are many other hooks in the water as well.  So, you want to let all of the fish know that there is a new, alluring hook in the water (advertising).

Fish are like buyers - they pool at certain depths (price points).  Typically, they wait for the bait to come to them.  They herd at certain levels for a long time and can be very stubborn about having to swim to a hook.  Every once in a while, a fish will break away and take a nibble if they are really hungry - sometimes you can hook this buyer, but often times they will break away (make an unreasonable offer).  The bottom line here is that you want that hook right in the middle of the pool of fish so that you are not waiting for too long before you get a bite.  Not all bites will succeed (offers), but the more potential bites that you can get, the better your prospects at getting your home sold.

My job is to find the fish, alert the fish to your hook being in the water and tell you the depth at which you should be fishing.  The fish will tell us if we are close or not (number of showings / feedback).  In this market, we need to be nimble as we don't want the fish to dive to deeper depths on us.

Once you do hook a fish, our job is not done.  I will guide you on how to reel it in (negotiation) and make it feel as smooth as possible (ease of transaction). 

Selling a home requires the right presentation, the right advertising, and the right pricing.  My job is to provide you with this and much more - negotiation skills, knowledge of the real estate contract, access to many contractors that I trust, and more.

Continue reading below as I offer links with lot's of information in regards to selling your home in today's market.

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